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car hire - Car Hire Terms and Conditions

Our concept is to provide on this website is to offer our clients a simple to always find the most affordable car hire deal from our multiple car hire partners. We only work with a selection of the best car hire firms in Portugal, always negotiating best rates and passing these savings on to you!

Simply select your dates, location, and car preference in the rental calculator to the right, and you'll receive an immediate online quote. You can either send this quote to your email address for future reference, or BOOK immediately to guarantee your car. Remember you Book Now and only pay upon arrival!

When making placing a reservation on our website, please generally book the car on the person who will listed as the main driver.
Upon arrival at our airport desks or offices to pick up your booked car, please present a valid drivers license and your passport. For your own convenience we also recommend you have a credit card with you.

All prices prices quoted online include:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • 3rd party insurance (unless otherwise selected)
  • 24 hr traveling assistance
  • Airport service charges (if applicable)
  • 21% IVA (VAT)

The possible optional extras we have are:

  • SCDW – Insurance excess (daily fee to waiver deposit)
  • GPS
  • Passenger insurance
  • Baby seats
  • Baby booster
  • Young drivers
  • Roof rack (not all of our car hire models support a roof rack. cars which support roof racks are clearly listed)
  • Spain insurance

Remember you can always opt for the optional extras once you arrive in Portugal to pick up your car.
We do recommend to book baby seats in advance for reservations between May and October.

Book Now and pay upon arrival

We have a unique service allowing our clients to book their hire cars without having to pay any form of deposit, allowing . Full payments will be made when picking up your hire car in Portugal.

With car deliveries to your hotel in Portugal, our representatives will have a portable payment machine with them.


As standard we have an "Third Party Insurance" included in all our car hire prices. Should you wish, you can also opt to take out a more comprehensive "All Risk Insurance" (also known as “all risk excess insurance” or “SCDW.”) for an additional price.

Please find some important information regarding the All Risk Insurance and how to avoid paying a deposit.

The client (whether driver or not) is responsible for a bail deposit in case of a self-provoked car accident, in case of damages caused by acts of vandalism, in case theft of the vehicle or of theft of any of its accessories, as long as the driver is unable to identify the guilty party.

For economy cars this the deposit starts at 500 euros, and goes up to 3000 euros for our exclusive cars.
This payment is made upon the delivery of the car, in cash (euros or foreign currency) or by credit card.

NOTE: If you pay by credit card (recommended), your card details will be noted but no money will in-fact be taken off your account. (Considering there are no damages to the car)

This bail deposit will be refunded to the client at the end of the car rental upon returning an undamaged car.

To avoid paying this bail deposit, you can take out an all-risk insurance which will cover you. They are daily fees which commence at 7 euros per day for economy cars and up to 18 euros per day for our more exclusive models.

This amount has to be paid by the client when receiving the rental vehicle. Please note this insurance is not re-fundable.

Taking Portuguese Law into consideration, our insurance companies decline any or all responsibility for our clients drivers (you) for all damages caused to the hire vehicle or to third parties whenever it is detected that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or toxic products or by insanity of the driver.

Also if the client uses the car in sportive competitions, races, rally’s or challenges, contests, bets, etc.

We also take this opportunity to inform you that even if the rental car's driver is not under the influence of any of the above items but intentionally destroys our rental car by his own fault we shall not refund any amount for the time left to complete the car rental and we only give another car through a large deposit that may cover eventual damages that can be caused to the new rental car.

Cancellation procedure

Although we don't charge any cancellation fees, we do kindly ask our clients to inform us by email if they can't pick up the car for whatever reason.